Lemon Lawyers in Pleasanton

Car issues - if you think your car is a lemon

If your car has experienced repeated issues without being repaired, you may have a lemon on your hands.

truck issues - is your truck a lemon?

Trucks are also covered by the lemon laws, so if your truck has experienied multiple repair attempts unsuccessfully, contact us.

vehicle class action suits

Before you join a class action suit, where you will likely get very little, contact an experienced attorney. You may fair better.

If you need a Pleasanton Lemon Lawyer, you have found the correct business. We are simply the best to help with your lemon law issues. Don't try to navigate the very complex world of lemon law.


When is my car considered a lemon?

Typically, if you vehicle has been in the shop for repeated repairs for the same thing that was not resolved, you may have a lemon car.


Who qualifies, new or used buyers?

If your vehicle was under a manufacturers or dealers warranty, you may qualify. The best thing to do is contact a qualified lemon law attorney to discuss your case.


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